October 23, 2015


The Black Six Mission

The mission of Black Six Jewelry is to create high quality, bold and fashionable statement jewelry to help you make your fashion statement known to the world.

While we know our jewelry designs are not for everyone, we are for those that desire to “rebel against the machine…”

About Black Six Jewelry


We are Black Six Jewelry: an independent high-end designer jewelry brand based in Brooklyn, NY. Black Six Jewelry specializes in creating bold and fashionable statement pieces that command attention.

We do not create low-cost, low-quality, mass-produced fashion jewelry to fulfill an ever-growing machine of fashion overconsumption. We do not create jewelry that will be in style this season and out of style next season.simply because the fashion machine says so. We will not create fashion that feeds a system that puts so much emphasis on appearance and pressure on having all of the latest trends and expensive brands, that it teaches young adults that clothes and items are the more important than the person wearing them.

Black Six Jewelry creates high-quality fashion jewelry and accessories for individuals that demand high quality constructed jewelry and desire to own bold, fashion-forward statement pieces.

Black Six Jewelry was created for those that desire to “rebel against the machine…”

 About Mark

Since I first moved to Brooklyn in 2010, I knew that I finally found home. Over time, I developed a crazy love affair with wearing scarves and the process of jewelry making. Up until this point, I never understood fashion. My definition of fashion was jeans, a tee shirt, and some Converse Chucks the same color as the tee shirt.

In 2016, I was mesmerized by a statement chain that Kanye West wore in a music video (Kanye West’s Power Chain… it’s absolutely bonkers). I then realized the effect that fashion, and jewelry to be specific, can have on a person. I took my first step and began making jewelry in my Brooklyn studio under the brand name of Black Six Jewelry.

Since then, I’ve never looked back and to this day, I’m still in love with the “City That Never Sleeps” With my roots in the heart of New York City, my designs for Black Six Jewelry will continue to be inspired everyday by the sights and sounds that define everything that is NYC.